The Korgis vs Baby D vs Beck – best version of Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime?

Back in the day, in 1980 to be precise, a band called The Korgis released ‘Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime’. It sounds like this…

A nice bit of soft rock, the kind of thing you can imagine slow dancing to at a wedding, or, more likely, sitting drunkenly to at one of tressle tables whilst you wonder why everyone apart from you is dancing…

I wonder if the Korgis knew what would happen ten years or so later, when rave music burst onto the scene. Most people my age probably remember the Baby D cover version:

As one youtuber says, ‘feeling as tingly as I did then.’ Note the social message rapping as well: ‘too many yutes them gwan out a order’ – still not solved that one fifteen years on…

This version came out in 1995; not many people know about a couple of similar versions from a few years before. Check this from 1992 – heavy, heavy breaks from 1.01!

Naughty Naughty was a series of bootlegs and so there’s no proper video, but it doesn’t seem to matter that you’re left looking at something looking like the Windows Media Player screen. There’s another YouTube version out there where you can just watch the record spinning on the turntable, which is also home to the best comment ever about this song: ‘man I feel like a five year old on a gallon of pop when that lady sings.’

If you like that version you should probably check out the NRG version too, but for now let’s move on…

This version came by Marc et Claude came out in 2000:

Uplifting Euro-techno turn of the century style and a decent video – but the bloke could have saved himself a lot of trouble if he’d just got a mate to give him a lift…

There are a few more noughties dance and hip hop versions, but let’s round this off with Beck’s cover, which seems to have been the inspiration for people upload moody youtube videos:

It brings back the ‘lonely and drunk at a wedding’ vibe of the original, so respect to Beck for that. But isn’t it a bit bog standard compared to a lot of the other stuff he’s done?

Over to you…what’s the best ever ‘Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime’?


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