Russian Premier League 28/10/13: strange coincidence, strange goals?

28th October: Kuban’ 2 Anzhi 0

Kuban’ certainly seemed to deserve their victory in this game. Their fortunes have looked up since changing manager – they almost look a new side. Anzhi, on the other hand, haven’t won a game this season, and despite all the big hopes at the start of the year are bottom of the table.

It’s going to need a reshuffle of their pack during the winter break for them to avoid relegation – and perhaps replacing defenders like Benoit Angbwa is where they start. He fell over, unchallenged, right before both goals in yesterday’s match – though if he’d stayed on his feet he would have intercepted the final ball that led to the goal in each case. It could be total incompetence, but this is a player who’s got experience in both the Russian and French top flights, as well as internationally.

Take a look for yourself here at goals some might call suspicious – Angbwa’s wearing number four:

Goal number one – the commentary’s in Russian, and the commentator notes how Angbwa falls over ‘on literally level ground’.

Goal number two – here the commentator says ‘for some reason Angbwa falls over again’.

In a match report on the game, Sport Express awards the player a lowly 3/10, but charitably describes him as a veteran (he’s only 31). They put the errors down to age; I often put such goals down to lack of fitness – but that’s difficult given both goals were scored before half time.

Let’s come to another conclusion: it seems to have just been a horrible day at the office for Angbwa – though some would question the odd coincidence of him falling over, unchallenged, right before each goal, and at least one journalist in Russia has described it as ‘too obvious to be true’.


Saul Pope is a contributor to When Saturday Comes magazine and blogger on Russian and Ukrainian football. He can be followed on Twitter: @saulpope.

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